Access Control PHP >= 5.3

access-control acl secure authentication authorization

This example shows how you can extend the authentication system to create a robust access control system. As a added bonus we also restrict api documentation based on the same.

When the api_key is

Try it out yourself here

This API Server is made using the following php files/folders

This API Server exposes the following URIs

GET admin                  ⇠ Access::admin()
GET all                    ⇠ Access::all()
GET resources              ⇠ Luracast\Restler\Resources::index()
GET resources/verifyaccess ⇠ Luracast\Restler\Resources::verifyAccess()
GET resources/{id}         ⇠ Luracast\Restler\Resources::get()
GET user                   ⇠ Access::user()